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 Special Issue: Ethnobiology and Philosophy (Journal of Ethnobiology)

Ethnobiology raises fundamental epistemological, ontological, and political
questions about relations among peoples, biota, and environments. This
special issue brings together emerging debates at the intersection of
ethnobiology and philosophy. We want to explore how philosophy can
contribute to reflexive ethnobiological practices and how ethnobiology can
contribute to philosophical engagement with biocultural diversity. We are
therefore looking for submissions that create meaningful dialogue between
ethnobiological and philosophical debates - whether from philosophically
reflexive ethnobiologists or ethnobiologically engaged philosophers.

In employing a broad definition of both “ethnobiology” and “philosophy”,
the special issue aims to bring together intellectual resources from
Indigenous philosophies to environmental ethics to anthropological theory
to philosophy of science. We want to foster debates about questions such as
(1) diverse forms of producing knowledge about the biological world, (2)
their interaction with heterogeneous ontologies and ways of being in the
world, (3) relations between Indigenous biologies and philosophies, (4) the
ethics and methodology of ethnobiological research, (5) challenges of
decolonization in ethnobiology, and (6) relations between ethnobiological
research and social-environmental challenges. The special issue aims to
create a forum for ethnobiologists, philosophers, and aligned researchers
to engage in a transdisciplinary dialogue about fundamental questions of
ethnobiological research and their implications for engaging with
biocultural diversity. Submissions that reflect this transdisciplinary
dialogue are especially welcomed.

This special issue welcomes research articles that do not exceed a limit of
8,500 words and follow the general submission guidelines of the *Journal of
<https://ethnobiology.org/publications/journal-of-ethnobiology/about>*. The
submission deadline is 1. May 2022.

For further information or clarification, feel free to contact the guest
editors Abigail Nieves Delgado (a.nievesdelgado at uu.nl), David Ludwig (
david.ludwig at wur.nl), and Charbel N. El-Hani (charbel.elhani at gmail.com).

Abigail Nieves Delgado
Freudenthal Institute
Utrecht University
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