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Registration is open for "The Structure and Development of Concepts in the Life Sciences" at Bielefeld University from February 7-9, 2022. The workshop will be hybrid, so both in person and online attendance are possible. Please find the program and registration link on the workshop website: https://lifescienceconcepts.weebly.com/

This workshop brings together philosophers of science to discuss the structure, development and normative status of concepts across biology, neuroscience and cognitive science.

The workshop focuses on the following topics:

  *   Conceptual development: What are common features of gradual conceptual change and conceptual development across the life sciences?
  *   Conceptual structure: Do different approaches to conceptual structure (e.g. concept pluralism or concept eliminativism) apply to all concepts in the life sciences or are they tailored towards specific classes of concepts?
  *   Normative status of concepts: What are the normative standards by which we ought to evaluate the scientific? In the life sciences, how do normative elements of concepts (such as their social and political goals or normative properties) impact their descriptive elements?

Speakers: Uljana Feest, Yafeng Shang, Philipp Haueis, Jo E Wolff, Daniel Margulies, Quayshawn Spencer, Ingo Brigandt, Morgan Thompson, Catarina Dutihl Novaes, Catherine Herfeld, Corinne Bloch Mullins, and Aaron Novick

Organizers: Philipp Haueis, Morgan Thompson, & Marie Kaiser, Department of Philosophy, Bielefeld University

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