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*Call for Papers*

*IV Jornadas Novatores**: **“Public controversies in Science and Technology
and Regulatory science”*

*April 26-27, 2022*

We are pleased to announce the CFP in the IV *Jornadas Novatores en
Filosofía de la Ciencia y la Tecnología *to be held in Salamanca, Spain, on
April 26-27, 2022.

On this occasion, the conference will focus on Public controversies in
Science and Technology and Regulatory science and is organized by the
Institute of Science and Technology Studies of the University of Salamanca

The *Jornadas Novatores*, born in 2018 with a vocation of continuity, are a
space for discussion about current issues of philosophy of science and
technology. The *Novatores* were a group of Spanish physicians and
intellectuals that today we would call "innovators" and who were precedents
of the Enlightenment in Spain. Following this line of attention to novel
reflections, in this edition the Conference intends to investigate the
latest proposals on Public Scientific and Technological Controversies and
Regulatory Science.


Marta I. González García Universidad de Oviedo

José Antonio López Cerezo Universidad de Oviedo

José Luis Lujan Universitat de les Illes Balears


The conference will include papers submitted for blind review by the
scientific committee. An extended abstract of 1,500 words, excluding
bibliography, is invited by February 28, 2022 to jornadasnovatores at usal.es.
Please prepare papers for blind review. For more information about
attendance and participation see the conference website:

In order to proceed with the review, two files must be sent in PDF format,
one with the author's complete information and the other one omitting any
reference that identifies the author.

The first file should include:

Author's name(s), name(s) of co-author(s)/author(s).

E-mail address (also of co-author(s)/a(s), if applicable).

Institution and country (also of co-author(s)/author(s), if applicable).

Include the name of the institution that has financed the text, in case of
external financing.

Short abstract of a maximum of 200 words, to be published on the web page
in case the work has been accepted.

Keywords (minimum 5, maximum 10).


During the conference, participants will have 20 minutes for presentation
and 10 minutes for discussion.

Important: any query should be made with another subject in the message.

*Organizing Committee USAL*

Ana Cuevas Badallo

Obdulia Torres González

Esther Palacios Mateos

Andrei Moldován

Mariano Martín Villuendas

Rodrigo López Orellana

Daniel Labrador Montero

Álvaro Rodríguez Rodríguez

Ana Cuevas Badallo
Directora del Departamento de Filosofía, Lógica y Estética
Directora de la Revista Iberoamericana de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad –
Directora del Máster Universitario en Estudios de la Ciencia, la Tecnología
y la Innovación
Profesora Titular del Área de Lógica y Filosofía de la Ciencia
Universidad de Salamanca
Edificio FES Desp. 517
Avda. Francisco Tomás y Valiente S/N
37007 Salamanca
Teléfono: +34 923 294500 ext.  3416
Making democracy means ensuring that those who bear the consequences of
decisions have a fair share in making them. (J. Dewey)
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