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CALL FOR PAPERS (Online Conference, Deadline: 21 January 2021)
Call for abstracts for the annual conference of the Philosophy of Physics
Group of the German Physical Society, 21-25 March 2022.
The Philosophy of Physics Group (AGPhil) of the German Physical Society
(DPG) invites submissions for its annual conference which will take place
within the framework of the annual conference of the DPG. Contributions on
any topic in the philosophy of physics are welcome. A particular focus in
this year will be the philosophical analysis of gravitational wave and
black hole physics, and we particularly encourage submissions on this topic.
The following speakers have already accepted the invitation to speak at the
AGPhil sessions:

Juliusz Doboszewski (Bonn)
Isobel Falconer (St Andrews)
Peter Galison (Harvard)
Tushar Menon (Cambridge)
Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)
Karim Thébault (Bristol)

The conference will take place 21-25 March 2022 and will be held entirely
online. The DPG divisions for gravitational physics, particle physics,
history of physics, and theoretical/mathematical physics, among others,
also convene at the same conference. The conference will have many parallel
sessions organised by the various DPG groups and divisions, and any
attendee can freely jump between the different sessions on physics, its
philosophy and history.
If you would like to present a paper, please submit an abstract of about
200 words by 21 January 2022 (ignore the stated 15 January 2022 abstract
submission deadline on the website), using the online-form at

For future updates see

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Dennis Lehmkuhl
Radin Dardashti

*NB: a) My working hours may not be your working hours so please do not
feel obligated to reply outside your own normal work schedule; b) Feel free
to email me in German, which I can read; I hope it's ok if I respond in

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