[spsp-members] New Master: Philosophy "in" Biology and Medicine

Thomas Pradeu thomas.pradeu.list at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 17:52:19 UTC 2022

Dear all,

We are opening our new Master program ("Philosophy in Biology and
Medicine") in Bordeaux, France, in September 2022.

*Interested students should contact us now (mael.lemoine at u-bordeaux.fr
<mael.lemoine at u-bordeaux.fr>).*

This Master program (presented here <https://www.philinbiomed.org/teaching/>)
will welcome those of your philosophy students that have a very strong
appetite for collaboration with scientists, particularly in cancer,
immunology, microbiota, systems biology, neuroscience and aging research.
These philosophy students will have the opportunity to work in scientific
labs and be embedded in scientific research.

Please be reminded that the master is exceptionally cheap, but very
competitive (as we will hire only 5 students). It is entirely in English.

Thanks for circulating the information to anyone you think would be


Fridolin Gross, Mael Lemoine, Thomas Pradeu.

Thomas Pradeu
CNRS Research Professor in Philosophy of Science
Immunology Unit ImmunoConcEpT, UMR5164, CNRS & University of Bordeaux
Team Leader Conceptual Biology and Medicine Team
Coordinator of the Institute for Philosophy in Biology and Medicine
<https://www.philinbiomed.org/> (PhilInBioMed)
146 rue Leo Saignat 33076 Bordeaux, France
& IHPST <https://www.ihpst.cnrs.fr/en> Pantheon-Sorbonne University 13 rue
du Four, 75006 Paris, France
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