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Tue Mar 15 19:05:15 UTC 2022

Dear history of science, philosophy of science, and science studies colleagues,

We are excited to announce that registration for the 6th International Undergraduate Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society Research Conference is now open.  This event, to be held by the University of Toronto on March 24th & 25th 2022, is entirely virtual, and registration is free. There will be talks by over 20 exceptional undergraduate students from around the world, a panel on science funding, and a keynote on "Public Trust in Science" by Dr. Maya Goldenberg. Please see the full program below for details.

Below are the links to the conference webpages for the program and registration. Please take a minute to circulate this email using your networks, including those that will reach undergraduate students.  If you are currently teaching an HPS or STS course, please share this info with your students and encourage them to attend.

Conference webpage: http://hpsus.sa.utoronto.ca/events/stms/program/

Attendee Registration: https://forms.gle/vDzcZFP3QAiM2QYGA

We hope to see some of you there!
Thursday, March 24th (Day 1)
Scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
9:10 AM Reception
            Full Session: Technology and Society
9:30 AM Sophie Wagle "The Clinical Encounter: Implications of Assistance by Artificial Intelligence" (University of Toronto)
10:00 AM Saskia Poulter "Smelling the Covfefe: Mapping Discursive Ecologies and User Responses to Maximalist Moderation Approaches in Alt-Right Reddit Communities" (Durham University)
10:30 AM  Fletcher Nickerson ""Data Does Not Lie": Chicago's ShotSpotter Contract" (Harvey Mudd College)
11:00 AM Short Break
Full Session: COVID-19 and Epistemology
11:10 AM Lucie Perillat and Brian Baigrie "COVID-19 and the generation of novel scientific knowledge: Research questions, study designs, evidence-based decisions and data sharing" (University of Toronto)
11:40 AM Josh Allen "Non-Propositional Knowledge in Scientific Theories" (University of Toronto)
12:10 PM Natalie Doppelt "The Unsustainability of Hospital Waste" (University of Pennsylvania)
12:40 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Keynote Address: Maya Goldenberg "Public Trust in Science" (University of Guelph)
2:45 PM Break
Lightning Session: Politics, Society, & Science
3:00 PM Nicolas Silva "Science against domination: a normative frame for political philosophy of science" (University of Chile)
3:10 PM Brenden Meagher "Sloppy Science's Impact on the COVID-19 Pandemic" (Boston University)
3:20 PM Sophia Fiorini "Politicization of Science during the Pandemic" (University of Toronto)
3:30 PM Ryu Won Kang "Modern Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Values Underlying Their Incompatibility" (University of Toronto)
3:45 PM Lightning Session One Q&A
4:00 PM End of Day One
Friday, March 25th (Day Two)
Scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
9:10 AM Reception
Lightning Session: Medicine, Mental Health, & Society
9:30 AM Tamara Turk "Self-diagnosing Sadness: On the Over-medicalization of Depression in the Pandemic" (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
9:40 AM Ihsan Khalifa "A Small Nation in the Big World of Science: Singapore's Attempt to Draw the Line Between the Modernization and Westernization of Science and Technological Development" (University of Alberta)
9:50 AM Shoko Narasaki "Headspace and Health for Whom?: A Story of Mindfulness" (Wesleyan University)
10:00 AM Lightning Session Two Q&A
Lightning Session: Technology and Data
10:15 AM Abigail Wesson "Alexa: A Product of its Users and Amazon" (Brown University)
10:25 AM Amelia Dogan #NotAHashtagApproach: Considering Data Activists Tracking Racialized and Gendered Violence on Social Media (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
10:35 AM Logan Patterson "Deepfakes and the Epistemic Threat To Scientific Information" (Michigan State University)
10:45 AM Lightning Session Three Q&A
11:00 AM Short Break
Full Session: Education and Healthcare
11:10 AM Mallory Cunningham "Ethics in the Biotechnology Lab: An Integrated Pedagogy" (James Madison University)
11:40 AM Julia Ruelle "Evaluating Strategies to Improve Navigation of the U.S. Health System for Limited English Proficient Patients" (University of Notre Dame)
12:10 PM Rebka Ephrem, Roshan Sapkota, Xavier Dawkins, Patrick Faherty, Yael Sarig, Jason Peres da Silva, Julia Pierce, Ethan Epstein, Vincent Amato, Darby Melia, Nicholas Messina, Orly Richter, Mona Polavarapu, Jessica Chiu, Russell Paredes and Toni-Marie Achilli "Brown Boosts Immunity: A Community-Centric Approach to Project-Based Service-Learning in Higher Education" (Brown University)
12:40 PM Lunch Break
Panel Discussion: Science Policy & Funding
1:30 PM Ata Heshmati, Mark Solovey and Jamie Shaw (University of Toronto)
2:45 PM Closing Remarks
3:00 PM Social Hour
4:00 PM End of Day Two

We are indebted to our sponsors, without whom this conference would not be possible. The Sixth Annual STMS Undergraduate Conference is supported by the University of Toronto's History and Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Society, The Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Victoria College, and the Arts and Science Student Union.

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