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Dear Colleague,

The November HPS&ST Newsletter is available at:



# Introduction
# Vale: Robert Nola (1940-2022)
# The Gravitational Constant: From the Local to the Universal
# Royal Society Early Career Research Award
# Eighth Annual Conference on the History of Recent Social Science,  9-10 June 2023, Uppsala University
# University of Pittsburgh, HPS Fellowships
# HPS&ST in Latin America
# International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC) 50th conference, 14-18 August 2023,
# HPS&ST in Asia
# Royal Society Early Career Essay Award
# 2023 AAPT (American Association for Physics Teachers) Winter Meeting
# Konrad Lorenz Institute Postdoc Fellowships: Evolutionary theory in interdisciplinary contexts
# Opinion Page: How Science Education helps Learning from Disasters: Grenfell and Sewol
Wonyong Park, University of Southhampton
# Varia
# Linda Hall Library Fellowships
# New Journal: History of Social Science
# Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
# Recent HPS&ST Related Books
# Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences
# HPS&ST Related Organisations and Websites

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