[spsp-members] AJI Book Manuscript Workshop Winners

Mcclimans, Leah LMM at sc.edu
Thu Apr 6 17:14:00 UTC 2023

The AJI is delighted to announce the winners of our 2023/2024 book manuscript workshop:

  *   Serife Tekin, Associate Professor Philosophy, University of Texas at San Antonio: Reclaiming the Self in Psychiatry: Centering Personal Narratives For a Humanist Science

  *   Elaine LaFay, Assistant Professor History, Rutgers University: At the Tropics Brink: Climates of Disease and Empire in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. Gulf South

  *   Cassius Adair, Assistant Professor Media Studies, The New School: The Transgender Internet


Leah McClimans

Professor of Philosophy
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Co-Director Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society
Lead for INtegrating Values InTo Evidence-Based Medicine/Policy (INVITE) https://valuesbasedpractice.org/what-do-we-do/networks/integrating-values-into-evidence-based-medicine-invite/
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