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Registration and program here:

Dear List,

Please excuse cross-posting. This is an invitation to:

Technolinguistics in Practice: Socially Situating Language in AI Systems

May 24–26, 2023, University of Siegen, Germany

Keynotes: Paul Kockelman, Michael Castelle and Ilana Gershon

Conference hosted by the Collaborative Research Center “Media of


Day 1: Wednesday, 24.05.2023 | Machinic Agents and Interactions

14:00–14:30 Conference Opening

14:30–15:45 Keynote Paul Kockelman

Who Do We Talk to When We Talk to Machines? Linguistic Anthropology in the
Age of Artificial Intelligence

16:00–17:30 Session 1

Becoming a Conversational Agent User: Interaction with an “Automated
Operator” in Phone Information Service

Alisa Maksimova

What Was the Smart Speaker?

David Waldecker, Axel Volmar, Tim Hector and Christine Hrncal

17:45–19:15 Session 2

How Human Interaction Can Inspire Convivial Language Technology

Andreas Liesenfeld and Mark Dingemanse

Frameworks as Infrastructures of Conversational AI

Marcus Burkhardt and Susanne Förster

Day 2: Thursday, 25.05.2023 | NLP Structures and Ideologies

10:00–11:15 Keynote Michael Castelle

Text as Task: A Guide to the Transformer Architecture and its Language

11:30–13:00 Session 3

>From “Natural” to “Culturally Grounded” and “Socially Anchored“: Examining
the Notion of Language in NLP

Christoph Purschke, Alistair Plum and Catherine Tebaldi

What Python Can’t Do: Language Ideologies in Programming Courses for
Natural Language Processing

Joseph Wilson

14:15–15:45 Session 4

Pragmatics in the History of NLP

Evan Donahue

Understanding the Limitations of Large Language Models

Ole Pütz and Steffen Eger

16:15–17:45 Session 5

Indexing Semantic Association

Tyler Shoemaker

Machine Learning as Semiotic Mediation

Yarden Skop and Siri Lamoureaux

Day 3: Friday, 26.05.2023 | Sociocultural Contexts

10:00–11:15 Keynote Ilana Gershon

ChatGPT: Genre, Scale, Animacy

11:30–13:00 Session 6

Reconfiguring the Regimentation of Multilingualism: From National
Epistemology to Global Surveillance

Britta Schneider

Voice Diagnostics and Stress Monitoring: Infrastructuring and Automation of
Health Data

Tanja Knaus and Susanne Bauer

14:15–15:45 Session 7

ConMan: Stories from a Cooperative Anthro-computational Approach to the
Study of Conspiracy Theories

Alistair Plum, Catherine Tebaldi and Christoph Purschke

Abstracting Away: ‘Speakers’ and Minoritised Communication Ideologies

Alicia Fuentes-Calle

16:15–17:00 Session 8

It Is a Match: Language, AI-Powered Matchmaking and the Politics of

Alfonso Del Percio

17:00–18:00 Wrap-Up & Discussion on Follow-Up Publication and Project


Attending the conference is free. We kindly ask guests to register via
technolinguistics at sfb1187.uni-siegen.de
Online access information will be circulated prior to the event.

Conference Website



Campus Unteres Schloss

Building C, Room 109

Unteres Schloss 3

57072 Siegen

The conference is funded by the DFG – German Research Foundation.
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