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Dear SPSP Member,

The monthly, web-based HPS&ST newsletter<https://www.hpsst.com/hpsst-newsletter.html> (ISSN: 2652-2837) has been published for 30+ years.  There is a single, monthly email announcement giving Contents and web link.

The newsletter carries material of interest to those with SPSP concerns.  The content includes Publications (journal articles and books); Professional news and information; Coming Conferences; Latin American HPS&ST activities; Asian HPS&ST activities; relevant institutional websites; and more.

Each issue contains an OPINION PAGE that reproduces topical essays (3-5,000 words) of interest to the broad HPS&ST community.  These are permanently housed in an OPINION<http://www.hpsst.com/opinion.html> folder on the site.

The newsletter serves two communities. First, those historians, philosophers, educators, and teachers interested in the connection of history and philosophy of science to theoretical, curricular, and pedagogical issues that arise in science teaching.  Second, philosophers and historians interested in making the teaching of their discipline more engaging, interesting, and effective.

To subscribe send an email headed SUBSCRIBE to editor<mailto:m.matthews at unsw.edu.au>.



A/Professor Michael R. Matthews
School of Education, UNSW, Sydney 2052, Australia
Email: m.matthews at unsw.edu.au<mailto:m.matthews at unsw.edu.au>
Web page<https://research.unsw.edu.au/people/associate-professor-michael-robert-matthews>

Author, History Philosophy and Science Teaching: A Personal Story<https://www.hpsst.com/uploads/6/2/9/3/62931075/personal_story_front_matter.pdf>
Author, Science Teaching: The Contribution of HPS<https://www.routledge.com/Science-Teaching-The-Contribution-of-History-and-Philosophy-of-Science/Matthews/p/book/9780415519342>
Author, Feng Shui: Teaching About Science & Pseudoscience<https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030188214#aboutBook>
Editor, HPS&ST Research Handbook<https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789400776531> (3 vols)
Editor, Mario Bunge Festschrift<https://www.springer.com/in/book/9783030166724>
Editor, Science, Worldviews and Education<https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789048127788>
Editor, Scientific Background to Modern Philosophy<https://hackettpublishing.com/the-scientific-background-to-modern-philosophy-second-edition>
Editor, HPS&ST Newsletter<https://www.hpsst.com/>

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