[spsp-members] Final Call for AJI Book Manuscript Workshop Applications

Mcclimans, Leah LMM at sc.edu
Sun Feb 26 23:02:06 UTC 2023

The Ann Johnson Institute (AJI) for Science, Technology and Society at the University of South Carolina welcomes applications for a one-day book manuscript workshop to be held in the Winter/Spring Term 2024. The deadline for applications is 1 March 2023

In its fourth year, these annual workshops target individuals at any career stage who have not previously published a monograph. We are happy to consider individuals with or without publishing contracts. The successful applicant will have a first-time book manuscript near completion at the time of applying. We will invite up to three senior experts in the author’s field. A small group of relevant local experts may also attend. If interested, please apply here<https://universityofsouthcarolina-yrckc.formstack.com/forms/book_manuscript_workshop>.

Workshop format <https://universityofsouthcarolina-yrckc.formstack.com/forms/book_manuscript_workshop>

  *   The successful applicant will be expected to deliver a full draft of their manuscript to all workshop participants no later than one month before the workshop convenes
  *   During the workshop five hours will be devoted to a chapter-level discussion of the manuscript, with a break in the middle for lunch
  *   The workshop will end with a dinner
  *   Invited experts will provide written feedback to the author before or after the workshop

We look forward to reading your proposals.
Best wishes,
Leah & Allison

Leah McClimans

Professor of Philosophy
Co-Director Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society
Lead for INtegrating Values InTo Evidence-Based Medicine/Policy (INVITE) https://valuesbasedpractice.org/what-do-we-do/networks/integrating-values-into-evidence-based-medicine-invite/
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