[spsp-members] CfR: Formalize!(?) – 3: A philosophical & educational perspective on formalization in mathematics - January 15

Deniz Sarikaya Deniz.Sarikaya at vub.be
Mon Jan 9 17:18:27 UTC 2023

Formalize!(?) – 3: A philosophical & educational perspective on formalization in mathematics Sunday - January 15, 2023 A Zoom meeting to celebrate the World Logic Day 2023 (which is actually a day before this event)

= Call for registration:
We are organizing a one-day online workshop to commemorate the World Logic Day.

Registration is free of charge and everybody is welcome to attend. To receive the zoom link, please see for further Information the homepage. 
Or go directly to the google form: 

== Speaker:
    Victor Aranda (Complutense University of Madrid)
    Adrien Champougny (U Paris 1)
    Paul Hasselkuß (U Düsseldorf)
    Zoe McConaughey (U Lille)
    Benjamin Zayton (MCMP LMU Munich)

== World Logic Day
This event is part of the celebration of world logic day. If you would like to contribute an event as well, please see http://wld.cipsh.international/organise_event.html for further information.

== Topic:
What are the chances and problems of the act of formalization in the context of mathematics? It is often said, that all of mathematics can be reduced to first-order logic and set theory. The derivation indicator view says that all proofs stand in some relation to a derivation, i.e. a mechanically checkable syntactical objects following fixed rules, that would not have any gaps. For a long time this was a mere hope. There may have been proofs of concepts from early logicists but derivation never played a big role in mathematical practice. The modern computer might change this. Interactive and automated theorem provers promise to make the construction of a justification without any gaps feasible for complex mathematics.
Is this promise justified? Will the future of mathematical practice shift to more formal mathematics? Should it? We hope to illuminate such questions and focus especially on what these developments mean for the future of the curriculum of university students. 
This event features speakers speaking about both concrete projects and reflections on such endeavours in general.

== Contact:
Web: https://sites.google.com/view/wldzurich2023
Mail: jose.antonio.perez.escobar (at ) ens.psl.eu / or Deniz.Sarikaya (at) vub.be

== Organizers:
Jose Antonio Perez Escobar (ESN Paris) & Deniz Sarikaya (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Københavns Universitet, Technical University of Denmark - DTU)

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