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We have a limited number of places for participants at the 2-day workshop
associated with the research project 'The Gravitational Constant 1890-1915
– From the Local to the Universal', a joint project between St Andrews and
the University of Bonn. The workshop looks at the wider scientific context
around 1900 within which acceptance of a gravitational constant developed;
it draws on approaches from transnational history, circulation practices,
measurement theory and practice, and philosophy of physics.

Invited speakers are:

   - Michael Gordin, (Princeton)*, Fin-de-siècle Scientific
   Standardization: Meters, Languages, Information*
   - Jenny Beckman (Uppsala) - Language practices in 19th century science:
   parallel publication, translation, and journal guidelines
   - Daniel Mitchell (IEEE History Center, Piscataway, NJ) - On
   mathematical approaches to measurement, units and laws
   - Richard Staley (Cambridge and Copenhagen) - *Gift, trade and gravity:
   Circulation practices and knowledge economies, across disciplinary space
   and time*
   - Bryan Roberts (London School of Economics) - Role of Laws

For the draft full schedule, see https://www.gravconstant.net/events.html

The workshop will take place in St Andrews.

If you would like to attend, please contact Isobel Falconer (
ijf3 at st-andrews.ac.uk)

*NB: My working hours may not be your working hours so please do not
feel obligated to reply outside your own normal work schedule*

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