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Wed May 17 21:04:52 UTC 2023

Dear all,

Please consider submitting an abstract proposal to this upcoming topical
collection in the journal History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

Title: Values at Sea: Marine Science Studies Meet Blue humanities

Guest editors: Elis Jones, Jose A. Cañada, and Sabina Leonelli (University
of Exeter)

Across social science and humanities, attention is increasingly focused on
the sea. There has been a notable rise in panels, papers and projects in
recent years working on understanding the challenges that marine sciences
face in a time of ecological crisis. This growing interest is no surprise:
the sea is a site of immense value, supporting and shaping the global
biosphere, and is under considerable threat both by global change and local
pressures. Whilst marine ecosystems are pushed to the brink, scholars now
often talk of the blue humanities and oceanic turns, of blue economics and
accelerations, and of ocean decades. These trends necessitate a similar
refocusing towards the sea in the history, philosophy, and social studies of
science, fields that are ideally placed to help understand and contextualise
some of the changes occurring to marine systems.

Full description of the topical collection:

Please send an abstract proposal (300 words) and brief biographical sketch
(300 words) to Elis Jones (erj205 [at] exeter.ac.uk) by the 30th of June
2023. Guest editors will inform about abstract acceptance in Mid-July and
invite authors to submit a full paper by 1st of December 2023.

Best regards,

Elis, Jose and Sabina


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